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Shelly Pinto: Kaleidoscope #65 (10 in)
Mixed media on birch
10" (diameter) x 1" depth

Shelly Pinto: "Kaleidoscope #03 (10 in)"

  • My mixed media kaleidoscopes are a fusion my love of painting and digital art. 

    In this body of work I am inspired by sacred geometry. I have applied this study of pattern and its overlapping circles and spirals to connect me to the world. 

    I usually begin by finding the center of my circle, then mix colors, cut shapes and merge overlapping patterns.  The process of layering and mixing reveals an inner calm.  

    My studio has become my place of solitude and meditation. As the world spins with all her chaos, my studio space is where I find a sense of joy that translates to my art. 

    For the finish, I cover the pieces with a clear hard coating of resin which intensifies the colors and protects the art. 

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