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Kwanza Humphrey

Mr. Humphrey has been painting for over 25 years. A Kansas City native, he graduated from Lincoln Academy. It was there he was encouraged to pursue art as a profession from Ms Claire Martin-West. Upon graduation, he attended Missouri Western State University, studying painting under Jack Hughes.  Graduating in ‘98 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Commercial Art with an emphasis in painting and illustration; his first exhibition was at the Albrecht Kemper membership show in ’96 where he won best of show for the  painting “Blue Funk.” Another painting, “Ms Flora” won an award in the 35th Annual River market Regional Exhibition, curated by Mr Curlee Ravon Holton, Executive Director, David C. Driskell Center. Most recently, his painting "Woman in a Print Dress" which is a part of this exhibition won accolades at Axis gallery in Sacramento, California.

Visit The Artist's website here

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