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Bryon Hartley

Taking cues from nature, Illinois artist Bryon Hartley melds line, curve and form to create exquisite works of art.

"In my work I stand at the window where rationality and irrationality meet. I present to you a vision of what I see. I struggle as to which side of the window I stand. In my work I attempt to follow the wake in the air, to follow the trail in the water. I want to hunt myself down, and struggle with myself for clarity of vision through the window. My work is the attempt to make art that evokes a feeling from the gut. The attempt is to make art that is devoid of intellectual involvement. For intellectual involvement can be clouded, by education, by society, by culture. I want the emotions to be brought forth and then, the questioning of what is seen. The desire is to present to you an emotionally filling piece and questions for the eyes."


- Bryon Hartley

Artist's website

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