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Jana Duca | People You've Been Before

Jana Duca is a figurative painter who paints the connections between people and the world. She paints the psychological space between people, and the space between words. She enjoys the push and pull of the paint that causes the background to encroach upon the figures and take away pieces of them, or that causes the figure to dissolve and scatter into the environment describes the figures’ psychological state.
Her painting process is intuitive, and while she experiments with many mediums, she primarily works in oil paint. She is influenced by artists such as Ann Gale and Stanka Kordic, and finds kinship with the artists who paint in the “Disrupted Realism” style.

"I can’t not make art – it is just something I have to do to describe how I see the world and to reflect what is going through my head. For me, painting is more expressive and easier than words. My art is how I connect with people and the world." - Jana Duca

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