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Wolfe Brack

I am a mostly self-taught artist born and raised in Kansas City, MO. My work deals mostly with the minute, the unnoticed, and the humorousness that often goes overlooked in our daily lives. I draw inspiration from natural forms, incorporating live organisms ranging from tiny plants, to the human body, into my work. I’ve always been fascinated (in part, I’m sure, to help me make peace with not living a neat, orderly lifestyle) by the concept of organized chaos; the way random bits come together to produce a seemingly serene and orderly-appearing whole. I see this reflected in our efforts to keep all of our quirks, neuroses, and impulses together and under control in order to appear cool, collected and competent to the world.

A lot of what I do is small scale, much of it starting at 2-3mm. I feel small works (or larger works made up of tiny components) exude an intimate, inviting, and playful air that can entice the viewer to come closer, focus, and engage with the piece. It’s almost a form of seduction.


These pieces are from a series called Quirks. Each one represents the thoughts, experiences, habits, and things overheard that that make up our realities, personalities and personal quirks. They’re tiny as each makes up just a small part of who we are, and are presented under magnification, as specimens, for personal examination.


In addition to making art, I am also Operations Manager and Curator at the InterUrban ArtHouse, an arts non profit in Overland park, KS.


You can learn more at

Or contact me at

Instagram: wolfebrack


My Quirks series is meant to examine humorous and relatable human idiosyncrasies. Each piece averages between 2 and 5mm (about the size of a lentil), is mounted under movable jeweler’s loups" on a 4”x6” birch wood panel, and is accompanied by a charactorizational  blurb.

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