Derrick Schmidt: This is Where the Story Begins

January 7 - 30th


Above: This is where the story begins …  60” X 39” , Mixed media on raw canvas (spray-paint, acrylic paint, oil stick)

Join us on First Friday for the opening reception of Derrick Schmidt's first solo exhibition: "This is Where the Story Begins". Raw energy is the thread tying this compelling collection of abstract works together. All three of our south galleries will be utilized to share this comprehensive exhibition with the public.

In his words:

"I want to give people a new way of looking at the world. I feel my works represent a mixture of emotions that is symbolizes through expressive marks, movement, and colors that evoke an emotion in others. “Beauty and Chaos”.

My work tells the truth and is from the heart. Through each mark made whether intentional or unintentional it’s coming from somewhere sacred. The goal in moving forward is to continue to be expressive and letting whatever comes out, come out without hesitation."

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