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Studio Rentals

We have some studio openings coming up in February 2021. We will have two studios that are 161 square feet (approximately 14' x 12') and two studios that are 231 square feet (approximately 16' x 15'). 


Amenities include:

  • wi-fi

  • secure gated parking

  • secure building

  • laundry facilities

  • property management lives on-site

  • complimentary bottled water

  • 24 hour access

  • display space for your work

  • utility sink

  • at-will tenancy (no lease, you can stop renting at any time without penalty)

  • Utilities included

  • First Friday public receptions 

  • Evening events such as comedy shows, poetry readings, and film screenings

Contact Us for Studio Enquiries

Thanks for submitting!

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