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"butch" Murphy

In the words of the artist:

I'm the creator, fabricator and abstract metal sculptor, autodidact by training, combining new and found carbon steel producing representational forms. I make no drawings beyond a simple chalk drawing on my work bench. Stealing words from Jackson Pollock, as I'm producing my sculptures there is a definite period where I spend time just getting acquainted, thus providing direction and evolution. I create to instill a degree of spectator confusion asking for responsive participation Although in recent years I've focused on horse sculptures, I've been inspired by such things as a reflection on the ceiling or an early morning dream, many that just vaporize, fortunately. I don’t see myself being trapped by a leitmotiv, however, I am definitely captured by geometry and the Cubist movement. I'm taken by the layering three dimensional effect seen in paintings by Braque and best describes what Donald Baechler defined, and I borrowed, "editing." For now, each production is a study....never expecting perfection, as that would eliminate the search,* and for me, the end.

*Poet: Ancel Neuberger

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