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Ada Koch
Past Imperfect (triptych)

mixed media on canvas
(3) 6’ x 5’

Past Imperfect
By Glenn North after Past Imperfect by Ada Koch

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.See that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass….”

-Matthew 24:6

Because the past has been imperfect

the present is tense, there is much trembling

here, a fear, beyond the confines

of grammar, that cannot be described

but is perpetually witnessed in the persistence

of humankind to run headlong into war.

What was, what is, what will be 

all rings with a cacophony of bullet

and bone.  What then is a womb

but preparation for a tomb; what then

 is this wound that never seems to heal?

  For all the evolving philosophical stances,

the technological advances, how is it

that we still hear the never-ending screams

from the far flung provinces to right down

 the street?  Shadows from the past

overcast the now and deeply darken what is,

why must peace be rested in rather than lived?

Would that love this ever lurking fear replace

but one can never fix what one chooses not to face

and little boys with guns keep becoming

 bigger ones.

Past Imperfect (triptych)

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