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Ada Koch
Embracing Ghosts
mixed media on board
36" x 36"

Embracing Ghosts
Glenn North

O! the unfathomable joy

to witness a mother

embracing her child.

The tactile and tangible

love that knows no bounds.

I’ve heard it described as

to forever have your heart

go walking outside your body.

And O! the unspeakable pain

when that heartbeat stops –

when the carnivorous streets

consume the meat of youth.

What is a mother to do

with her flailing empty arms?

There is no earthly relief

for the relentless grief.

No quiet comfort, no sense

of peace. But it is my belief

that a mother’s love

beyond comprehension

exceeds the limits

of this dimension and thru

the mystery of memory

in the sight of heavenly hosts

her supernatural arms

can embrace ghosts.

Embracing Ghosts

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