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Summer Brooks, Sugar Spice

Solo Exhibition | August 4 – Sep 30

Beco Gallery is pleased to present an off-site exhibition, Sugar Spice by Summer Brooks at The Bunker Arts Center. Brooks solo exhibition features ceramic and spray foamsculptures many of which are embedded with mica and others embellished with gold leaf, hairclips, earrings, glitter, and even fired cubic zirconia. The works speak to the harmful beauty standards in the West, Brooks resistance to those standards, and her insistence to celebrate Black beauty.

Group Exhibition, Disconcerting Present... or was that a dream?

Group Exhibition | August 4 – Sep 30

Beco Gallery is pleased to present, Disconcerting Present... or was that a dream?, an off-site group exhibition hosted by Bunker Center For The Arts featuring Kristina Gabuardy, Adams Puryear, Sam Dybeck, Chelsea Smith, Lily Erb, Will Preman, and Sophie Stebbins, six artists living in the Kansas City region and one from the Chicago area. The exhibition features a wide variety of mediums, ranging from sculpture, painting, lit ceramics, and a site-specific
installation by Lily Erb. The exhibition spans between two rooms, one with more reality and representational works, alluding to real life, heavy with a sense of anxiety and over- consumption. The other room departs from reality, with blue lights and works that seem out of a strange dream.

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