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Hannah Lindo, In My Room

Solo Exhibition | May 30 – Jul 30 

Hannah Lindo was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas, where she received her Associate’s degree in Visual Arts. In 2017, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Fort Hays State University. In 2022, Lindo completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Kansas. Lindo will continue her artistic and teaching career at the University of Central Missouri as an Adjunct instructor in Painting and Drawing/Artist in Residence in the Fall of 2023.


Tristan Lindo,
Entering Xanropa

Solo Exhibition | May 30 – Jul 30 

Tristan Lindo (1994 – ) was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas. Lindo has his BFA in Studio Art from Fort Hays State University (2018), and his MFA from the University of Kansas (2022). He currently works and resides in Lawrence, Kansas.

nothing gold.jpg

This exhibition features artworks responding to Robert Frost’s poem Nothing Gold Can Stay. The fifteen artists explore dichotomies of beauty and decay, the inevitability of time, and transformation. This exhibition honors Frost’s poem and also notes the moments of delight and turbulence that are a part of being an artist. The artists involved came together to celebrate the seasons of Spring and Summer before they leave us again.

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