Daniela Failla

In her words: "As an artist, my creativity finds several outlets to be expressive. I have spent several years as a photographer, and that need to capture and recreate moments in time has spilled into my desire to recreate them through paintings.

I am a creator, whether it is through painting, photography, writing, dance, graphic design, sculpture, illustration, installation design or printmaking.  I feel the need to hone my creativity in multiple forms, which allows me to learn new things, exercising different parts of my brain and it offers endless possibilities.

Sometimes I am nostalgic, and it seeps out through my paintings of things that hold special meaning to me. My current exhibition features paintings and photography of people and places that I hold dear. With photography, I am the documentarian, the recorder of memories that might otherwise be overlooked and forgotten. By transforming these images into paintings, it is my hope that viewers see that everything in life is a series of compositions, an ever evolving story to be told."

Daniela Failla was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  She spent several years near the ocean in Ventura, CA and has made Kansas City her home for the last decade.

"Art and creativity are something I’ve always had a need to express. As a child I could escape through making art. I have much gratitude for those teachers who realized that art is life's therapy, at least for me. Through the process of creating, I could find the Zen moments that would eliminate so many stresses in life." --Daniela Failla

Throughout high school she embraced art and photography as a career path, which later culminated into a BFA in Visual Communication.

For several years Daniela had a career working as a graphic designer and illustrator for a major US retailer, while running her own design and photography business.  Currently she has a passion for supporting other artists as a curator and Assistant Director at a local art center