Sydney Jane Brooke Campbell Maybrier Pursel

Statue of Liberty (Seminole) -Myer blvd and Prospect Ave, 2016

mounted print
18 x 12 in

Sydney Pursel: "Statue of Liberty (Seminole) -Myer blvd and Prospect Ave"

  • Fabric coverings were placed over Statue of Liberty replicas as part of a pop-up art event occurring in the Kansas City greater metropolitan area on Earth Day. A video of the installation process featuring Phillip J. Pursel helping his daughter with the Guerilla-style public art project can be seen within the videos looped on the television in the gallery. The goals of this project were:


    • To promote Earth Day and highlight an Indigenous responsibility to and respect for the land
    • To counter stereotypical representations of Natives through self-representation
    • To empower Indigenous women
    • To represent various Native American cultures and traditions through different regalia styles
    • To appropriate the Statue of Liberty which symbolically serves as a welcoming beacon to the United States and subvert it to reflect the descendants of the original inhabitants of this country


    This project was highly influenced by Statue of Liberty in a Jingle Dress, a photo by Steven Paul Judd.