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Hannah Lindo

In My Room

In My Room is a collection of moments, memories, patterns, and changes I experienced while living and working out of my bedroom. This body of work began after graduating from grad school, and I found myself in between studio spaces. I started noticing how special the items in my room were/are to me and how they describe who I am and where I came from. Patterns and trinkets passed down from family members surround my room. These treasured items provide comfort, humor, and memories with loved ones living far away or no longer with us. They are always in the background of my life, never changing but witnessing how life continues.

Artist Bio

Hannah Lindo was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas, where she received her Associate's degree in Visual Arts. In 2017, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Fort Hays State University. In 2022, Lindo completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Kansas. Lindo will continue her artistic and teaching career at the University of Central Missouri as an Adjunct instructor in Painting and Drawing/Artist in Residence in the Fall of 2023.

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