Daniela Failla

As an artist, Daniela Failla's creativity finds several outlets to be expressive. She spent several years as a photographer, and that need to capture and recreate moments in time has spilled into her desire to recreate them through paintings and sculptures.


Daniela often nostalgic, and it seeps out through her paintings of things that hold special meaning to her, whether it's an object or a moment in time.


"I am a creator, whether it is through painting, photography, writing, dance, graphic design, sculpture, illustration, installation design or printmaking, I feel the need to hone my creativity in multiple forms, partly to eliminate boredom, but mostly because it allows endless possibilities.

Art and creativity are something I’ve always had a therapeutic need to express.  Throughout high school I embraced art and photography as a career goal, which later lead me to a BFA in Visual Communication."


Daniela Failla was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  She spent several years near the ocean in Ventura, CA and has called Kansas City her home for the last 10 years.

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